5 August 2011

Scammer Pak Itam Nigeria..OMG !!

Korang kene beware ngan mamat nie....Azdhar & I, we often sell off item that we seldom used in Mudah.com.my

Yesterday, kitorang nak sell off a Wireless AV Transmitter Receiver dan ade orang response to the add dalam masa 3 jam lepas publish kat Mudah.

So saye dapat email dari  farid_kar81@blumail.org, berbunyi begini........... 


  Is the item still available for sale?

    Farid kareem

The ad can be viewed at http://www.mudah.my/vi/10929036.htm

My reply was

Yes. The item is still available. Interested?

Then die reply balik dengan email yang panjang berjela.....

Thanks for your quick response, its a Pleasure to understand that the
Item is still available for sale,i am buying the item for my cousin
and i am at sea at the moment, i have read the specification of the
item ,i really love the item,More so  as  i am a marine  engineer and
due to the nature of my work,phone calls making and visiting of
website are restricted  I really want  the item to be a surprise for
my cousin so i wont let him know anything about the item until it gets
delivered to him , i am sure he will be more than happy with the
item.I insisted on Bank Transfer because i don't  have access to any
other form of payment online , but i can pay from my Bank account,, i
will need you to give me your Bank Information so that i can make the
transfer money asap for the item .But if you Have to provide your bank
information.............i will add additional money for  the shipment
fee through (dhl) to this address below Via

Name: kareem olawale
Address:No5 Oladimeji street,verinary oremeji mokola.
Zip Code:232402
phone:  +2340878023434

Here are the information needed for the payment:-

Bank Name:
Account Number:

Kindly make the shipment through (dhl) for a Safety delivery,i will
be looking forward for your bank details as soon as possible

Azdhar yang bukak email nie dulu (die tgk malam tadi), saye baru tgk pagi nie waktu keje.... tgk azdhar tak tolong reply pon.... bile bace 2 , 3 kali...hati macam tak sedap lak....try google alamat die.... kuar lak entry dari Yokosarai mengenai email yang same.... 

I tell you, badan saye terus berderau... Ya Allah.... nasib baik tak tertipu..... Syukur di pagi Jumaat.....

Beware ngan Scammers macam nie..... nak jual or beli item online nie... kene check dulu.... Azdhar penah kene tipu sekali dalam 2 tahun lepas... kene tipu ngan cine jual graphic card ke mother board.... dah bank in duit trus senyap.... tak puas hati...azdhar gi KL carik mamat tu kat alamat yang member azdhar tolong carik..... korang tau????? Its a SCAM.... 

So, Azdhar buat report polis gak.... tapi biase la...report polis is not a final solution la coz no action is been taken....rugi la si Azdhar.... sian die...

So... beware guys........

..::: naDira Signing Off with a Hatred heart :::..

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